Meadow Run Community Church

1872 Fayette County Atlas map of area surrounding church

A history of Fayette County records that soon after 1800 the Methodist itinerants sought to establish a church in the township, holding meetings at the house of Moses Mercer and other hospitable mountain homes. These efforts were rewarded by the accession of a few members to the faith, although not of sufficient number to form a class. After 1830, preaching was in the house of Elizabeth Potter, and after 1840 the meetings were held at schoolhouses about once every three weeks, generally on weekdays. Among the preachers of this period were the Revs. McGowan, Sharp, Swazie, Tipton, White and many others that followed.

In 1860, Benjamin and Sarah Leonard donated land and the church was built that year. The deed was recorded on Nov. 16, 1869 to trustees Cyrus Edmundson, Ruben Leonard, George P. Potter, John B. Potter and Joseph Stark.

Benjamin Leonard was for many years the superintendent of the Sunday School. Over the years a lot of people have filled the position with their service and dedication. The original interior of the church was renovated in 1900 by Frank Rholfe and other renovations have been carried out since that time.

The white church was built on the edge of a field, at the bend of a country road, beside Meadow Run.

New pews were made by Hampton Potter. The oil lamps were replaced by electric lights about 1935. In 1949, the church was covered with shingle siding and new floor was laid. To make the churchyard larger, a strip of land was donated by William Wable and another strip was donated by Hazel Leonard to enlarge the yard behind the church and make it 99 feet square. The congregation of Meadow Run bought 11 acres of timber on the hill in 1956 to make sure no timber man's axe ever touches it and that the site will remain beautiful. A new belfry was built in 1959.

In 1960, a commemoration service was held to celebrate the centennial of the church of 100 years. Former ministers taking part in this service were J.L. Kooser, J. H. Breakiron, C. Smith Hixon, and William Keys. At this centennial, the pastor was Henry Minotti.

In 1969 new pews were purchased. In 1981, the road was paved in front of the church. An addition to the rear of the church includes a wheelchair ramp and another entrance. It contains a furnished classroom and restrooms.

In 1982, the name was changed from Meadow Run Methodist Church to Meadow Run Community Church.

On August 22, 2010, Rev. Kenneth W. VanSickle presided over the celebration of 150 years of continuous service. Also participating were past pastors Rev. James F. Smiley and Dr. Arthur J. Gotjen.


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